The CNM CRC Queer Studies Reading Group is a transdisciplinary group of scholars who have broad and diverse research interests in gender and sexuality. This group is designed to bring together graduate students and faculty at NUS and neighboring institutions to meet across and beyond disciplinary boundaries in an informal setting. Our aim is to promote intellectually rigorous discussion of and theoretical engagement with “classic” texts and cutting-edge works in queer and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) studies. In addition, we will occasionally hold writing workshops for works in progress.

This is a Safe Space.

During our first meeting, we collectively agreed on the Reading Group as a “safe space” and discussed the parameters of what this might constitute. To summarize, we felt that everyone attending the group should feel comfortable to speak their minds without judgment. Members should respect one another, such as in terms of maintaining privacy and seeking consent. As this is an interdisciplinary space, we shall aim as much as possible to be open and charitable to each other.

If you are interested to learn more about safe spaces, consider doing this online safe space training. (It’s free but you have to sign up for an account.)


Sessions are held on a monthly basis during the academic term at CNM.
Below is the schedule for 2019/2020 Semester 1 (Fall 2019):

Film Screening + Q&A* Finding Phong

27 August 2019, Tuesday, 6:30 to 8:30pm
Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6 03-38

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Film Synopsis:
Phong grew up in a small town in the center of Vietnam – the youngest of six children. As a child, Phong felt out of place in a boy’s body. Not until moving to Hanoi for university at the age of twenty did Phong discover that others with similar experiences. The dream to find herself through surgery became a reality several years later. This documentary follows Phong’s struggle during these years, piecing together excerpts from an intimate video journal and encounters with family, friends, colleagues and doctors – all of whom must come to terms with a boy’s determination to become a girl.

* Executive Producer Gerald Herman will be present for the post-screening Q&A.

Talk by Prof. Rosalind Galt (King’s College London)

20 September 2019, Friday, 3 to 4:30pm
Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6 03-38
Title: TBA (Topic likely on Queer Cinema in Southeast Asia)

Workshopping Queer Pedagogies* by Prof. Tracey Skelton (NUS Geography)

1 October 2019, Tuesday, 6:30 to 8:30pm
Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6 03-38
Title: TBA
*Paper to be circulated to attendees prior to the session

Talk by Prof. E.K. Tan (Stony Brook University SUNY)

29 November 2019, Friday, 3 to 4:30pm
Venue: CNM Playroom, AS6 03-38

“Queer Homecoming in Sinophone Cultures: Translocal Remapping of Kinship”
This presentation discusses the concept of “queer homecoming” as a critical intervention to the normative patrilineal kinship structure in Sinophone societies defined by traditional family values, such as those of Confucianism. It argues that queer homecoming as intervention to heteronormative kinship system enables the articulations of alternative kinship structures in mainstream cultural expressions (in literature, film, social and new media) to destabilize the fixity of the myth of consanguinity among Sinophone communities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. By rethinking the various implications of concepts such as the familiar and the familial to Sinophone kinship and queer subjects, this project explores how queerness and queer identities can unsettle the dominant discourse of heternormative kinship system and its marginalization of minority groups such as the LGBT communities in Sinophone societies.

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Supporting Networks and Groups

The CNM CRC Queer Studies Reading Group supplements the events and activities organized by the Inter-University LGBT Network and the following existing groups at NUS and Yale-NUS: Queer NUSGender Research Cluster; The G Spot; Gender Collective; and tFreedom. For more information on safe spaces and support for LGBTQ individuals, please contact them directly.


This reading group is organized by Michelle Ho on behalf of the Cultural Research Centre (CRC), a new interdisciplinary research initiative by Professor Audrey Yue in the Department of Communications and New Media (CNM) at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), National University of Singapore (NUS).

For queries about the reading group, please send an email to: michelle [dot] ho [at]